Jeremiah + Mindy {Charleston, SC}

So, obviously I'm not very diligent when it comes to keeping up this oh-so-interesting blog of mine, but I'm working on it... Its a new year with so many new and wonderful possibilities and Im resolving to not only share my latest and greatest, but to keep you interested as well! You probably recognize Jeremiah and Mindy from their wedding pictures I put up a few months ago. Jeremiah is one of my 9 brothers and sisters (yeah, NINE!) and Mindy is his new beautiful bride. Jeremiah is a musician/music producer/graphic designer, based out of Orlando, Fl and he owns Emissary Studios. While they were visiting Charleston this Christmas I got the opportunity to help out one of my other brothers, Seth, with a acoustic music video he was doing for Jeremiah. Seth is a videographer and owns Ivory and Iron. You can see the video here.

Since Jeremiah and Mindy never technically got an "engagement session",  we had a fun impromptu session after the video shoot. With only about 30 minutes of daylight left we were rushing but I think they turned out so beautiful. There also just happened to be a few controlled brush fires in this gorgeous open field  and we obviously HAD to take advantage of that.

DISCLAIMER: Dont try this at home!

I dont think I'll ever get tired of taking pictures of this sweet couple...Enjoy!