Sharon & Tom | Charleston After-Wedding Session | Charleston Wedding Photographer

Yesterday was Veteran's Day, and this post is in honor of all those who have and who continue to serve our country. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. It does not go unnoticed. Sharon and Tom met in college, where Tom took a fancy to her pretty quickly. Sharon, on the other hand, was uninterested, thinking Tom was just another frat boy. Soon after giving in to hanging out with him one day, her heart began to melt and soften towards Tom, realizing he was a very humble soul who made her laugh and giggle (which is very important, ladies!). The two began dating and decided to get married just before Tom left for Afghanistan for a year. When he got back, they decided to experience the whole newlywed adventure - they went on their long-awaited honeymoon, and decided to get their wedding portraits taken, which they traveled to Charleston for. What an honor it was to take photos for this beautiful couple! Thank you, Sharon and Tom, for choosing me to capture the beauty of your marriage! And a special thank you to Tom for his service. What a sacrifice this couple has made to be together. That is true love, my friends.