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Kelsey + Peter | Charleston Engagement Photographer

I got to kick off  my return from Maternity leave on such a beautiful note. This session was packed full of authentic love, laughter and gorgeous golden light. This sweet couple is getting married this Fall and I know its going to be gorgeous. Congratulations to this sweet couple!  

photojournalistic charleston photographerphotojournalistic charleston photographerphotojournalistic charleston photographerphotojournalistic charleston photographerphotojournalistic charleston photographerphotojournalistic charleston photographerphotojournalistic charleston photographerShot by Cana McDonald, Owner of Whimsey Photography. A photography studio based in Charleston, SC. Cana is a Wedding and Portrait photographer in Charleston, SC.

Sharon & Tom | Charleston After-Wedding Session | Charleston Wedding Photographer

Yesterday was Veteran's Day, and this post is in honor of all those who have and who continue to serve our country. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. It does not go unnoticed. Sharon and Tom met in college, where Tom took a fancy to her pretty quickly. Sharon, on the other hand, was uninterested, thinking Tom was just another frat boy. Soon after giving in to hanging out with him one day, her heart began to melt and soften towards Tom, realizing he was a very humble soul who made her laugh and giggle (which is very important, ladies!). The two began dating and decided to get married just before Tom left for Afghanistan for a year. When he got back, they decided to experience the whole newlywed adventure - they went on their long-awaited honeymoon, and decided to get their wedding portraits taken, which they traveled to Charleston for. What an honor it was to take photos for this beautiful couple! Thank you, Sharon and Tom, for choosing me to capture the beauty of your marriage! And a special thank you to Tom for his service. What a sacrifice this couple has made to be together. That is true love, my friends.

Mallory & Nate | Downtown Charleston Engagement | Charleston Wedding Photographer

Sometimes you meet one of those people that you just really click with. Mallory just happened to be one of those people. She and I met one day over lunch and we literally spent at least an hour chatting. Ever since then, I have been eagerly awaiting their engagement shoot. Mallory is such a sweet soul and Nate had an awesome, chill personality, so you can imagine that we had an easy-going and AMAZINGLY fun shoot! To top it off, the rain that day cleared just in time for our shoot, which made for a beautiful evening with some gorgeous golden sunlight (so Whimsey-licious)! Not to mention, Mallory looks absolutely stunning (don't you just love her long, wavy, red locks?!)! One of our favorite makeup artists ever, Pamela Lesch, did Mallory's makeup - she's incredible as you can see! I am beyond thrilled to shoot their wedding next year and am so honored to know this couple!

Laurie & Colin {Kiawah Island | Engagement}

I'm so excited to be sharing this lovely Kiawah Island engagment session with you all today! There's no better way to start out a Wednesday ;) Laurie & Colin met 5 years ago at a birthday party. Laurie had gone to the party as a guest of her sister, with absolutely no intention of meeting her future husband that night. But little did she know, she would. They ended up talking and mingling at the party, which led to a date just 3 days later! Isn't that usually how love happens though? I've had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people, Laurie and Colin included, and it seems that most of my clients' stories have one similar thread running through - when we are free to love and live our life, a lasting love shows up when we are not expecting all.

These two love birds wanted to have their session on Kiawah Island, which was great, because I enjoyed exploring a destination that I don't normally get to shoot at. These guys were so fun and laid back, and I can't wait to work with them more!

Enjoy the loveliness!