mason jar snow globe

How To: Waterless Snow Globe with Mason Jars

Good Morning! I got such a great response to a picture I instagramed/facebooked of my Mason Jar snow globe that I thought it might be nice to post a short "How to" today. This DIY project took me under 10 minutes and the result is awesome. If you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to ask! What you'll need:

  • Glue Gun or Crazy glue
  • Various Sized Mason Jars (I got mine from Hobby Lobby on sale for around $1 a piece)
  • Miniature sized pine trees. The ONLY place I could find these were at Michael's  I searched everywhere  And they are hidden in the middle isle stand where they have nativity scenes set up. I had to buy a bag of 21 but thankfully they were on sale for 50% off so it was only about $10 for all of them (use the leftovers to make gifts for the family this year!)
  • Fake Snow. I got two bags of fake snow. Regular and glittery but this is a area for you to be creative. I found that adding a little bit of glittery made it catch your eye a little bit more.
  • Elmer's Glue -optional (I didn't use this but it might have been a little bit easier if i would have)

If youre using a Mason Jar start out by glue the middle piece of the top to the rim. You want all of that secure. Then take your hot glue gun or crazy glue and generously apply it to the bottom of your tree and place it in the middle of your lid. Let dry completely.Your last step is to crazy/Elmer's glue all the remaining area of your lid and sprinkle snow until its completely covered. Then throw an extra dash of snow in your jar for shaking purposes and voila! You're done! I did initially make the mistake of adding too much snow to my globe. Use your own discretion. You just need a pinch to give enough to shake. I hope this adds some Christmas cheer to your house this year! Merry Christmas!