Introducing Lay-Flat Wedding Albums

Get excited!! I have been waiting so long to write this post! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Cana Dunlap Photography’s newest featured product, Lay-Flat Wedding Albums! These gorgeous albums are made with iris fabric and come in a variety of sizes and vintage-inspired colors. The featured album seen here was ordered in color IC 02. Made by FLORICOLOR USA, all 40 pages are made of very thick, durable paper (You'd have to actually try to rip them...but don't. They're pretty.), which, turned page-by-page, lay flat. What's even better is that here at Whimsey, we design the layout of each book in studio. No fuss on your end, and you can trust that we will arrange your photos in such a way to tell a true story of your favorite day ever. And wait for it...YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE THESE BABIES. Yep, as you can see in our featured photos below, you have the option to emboss your names on the cover.

Some questions might be running through your head right now, such as, "Why do I even need to order an album? Doesn't everyone see my photos online anyways?", or "Can't I just create one online myself?" Let me explain to you why those are not the best of ideas:

a// NOT EVERYONE SEES THEM ONLINE. What about granny, or those friends who are just over Facebook so they deleted it? (I have several close friends that have done this) Or what about those friends who just don't really check their Facebook? Maybe they just didn't see the photos in their newsfeed that day. Our point is - not everyone that is special to you will see your photos online. At least, not all of them. Make sure they see all of your favorite shots.

b// SHOW OFF. Think about this - every time you have a guest over, you don't want to have to say, "Hey, would you guys like to see our wedding photos?", followed by "Let me just pull them up online." These fabulous albums are the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table or any other space you feel they would fit - get creative! People will be drawn to them so much that you won't even have to ask them if they'd like to take a gander at those lovely photos you paid so much for to perfectly document your day.

c// YOU WON'T HAVE TIME. As much craziness that goes into the wedding planning process, think about your new life together. Now it's time to change your name, which means you need to go through all your documents and change them as well. Not to mention get settled into a new place if that's the route you have chosen to go, fill your place with all that stuff you got from your bridal shower (or showers), send those thank yous to every person that gave a gift, share those photos from your honeymoon, etc. (but mostly importantly, just enjoy this new season of marriage!). The last thing you'll want to have to think of is the tedious task of organizing a wedding album. Buying an album through CDP ensures that you will have a gorgeous, already-made album at your door just a few months after your wedding.

d// QUALITY. Believe me, you'll notice the difference in quality between ordering a professional album vs. creating one on a website where you can also buy those custom photo calenders. The albums we customize, design in-studio, and order for you online are absolutely gorgeous and of the highest quality, a definite necessity for passing down memories long past your lifetime (which brings us to our next point)...

e// TIMELESS. Prints will eventually fade, canvas eventually rip, and flash drives eventually break (because let's face it, technology doesn't last forever), but with a hard-bound, sturdy book full of memories, your great grandkids will still be taking this off the shelf even after you're gone. I can't tell you how many times I have gone through old books filled with prints of my family over the years, and although it's so incredibly special to venture to another era, I just wish things were in order, weren't cracked and faded, and the binding weren't falling apart. With a customized, lay-flat wedding album, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Also featured are Parents Albums. These are available in an 8x8 size in a variety of color and materials.