Sharon & Tom | Charleston After-Wedding Session | Charleston Wedding Photographer

Yesterday was Veteran's Day, and this post is in honor of all those who have and who continue to serve our country. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. It does not go unnoticed. Sharon and Tom met in college, where Tom took a fancy to her pretty quickly. Sharon, on the other hand, was uninterested, thinking Tom was just another frat boy. Soon after giving in to hanging out with him one day, her heart began to melt and soften towards Tom, realizing he was a very humble soul who made her laugh and giggle (which is very important, ladies!). The two began dating and decided to get married just before Tom left for Afghanistan for a year. When he got back, they decided to experience the whole newlywed adventure - they went on their long-awaited honeymoon, and decided to get their wedding portraits taken, which they traveled to Charleston for. What an honor it was to take photos for this beautiful couple! Thank you, Sharon and Tom, for choosing me to capture the beauty of your marriage! And a special thank you to Tom for his service. What a sacrifice this couple has made to be together. That is true love, my friends.

How To: Waterless Snow Globe with Mason Jars

Good Morning! I got such a great response to a picture I instagramed/facebooked of my Mason Jar snow globe that I thought it might be nice to post a short "How to" today. This DIY project took me under 10 minutes and the result is awesome. If you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to ask! What you'll need:

  • Glue Gun or Crazy glue
  • Various Sized Mason Jars (I got mine from Hobby Lobby on sale for around $1 a piece)
  • Miniature sized pine trees. The ONLY place I could find these were at Michael's  I searched everywhere  And they are hidden in the middle isle stand where they have nativity scenes set up. I had to buy a bag of 21 but thankfully they were on sale for 50% off so it was only about $10 for all of them (use the leftovers to make gifts for the family this year!)
  • Fake Snow. I got two bags of fake snow. Regular and glittery but this is a area for you to be creative. I found that adding a little bit of glittery made it catch your eye a little bit more.
  • Elmer's Glue -optional (I didn't use this but it might have been a little bit easier if i would have)

If youre using a Mason Jar start out by glue the middle piece of the top to the rim. You want all of that secure. Then take your hot glue gun or crazy glue and generously apply it to the bottom of your tree and place it in the middle of your lid. Let dry completely.Your last step is to crazy/Elmer's glue all the remaining area of your lid and sprinkle snow until its completely covered. Then throw an extra dash of snow in your jar for shaking purposes and voila! You're done! I did initially make the mistake of adding too much snow to my globe. Use your own discretion. You just need a pinch to give enough to shake. I hope this adds some Christmas cheer to your house this year! Merry Christmas!



The Gold Hope Project

I am so thrilled to announce that I am now an official photographer for The Gold Hope Project!  


This is Gold Hope Project's mission:

More precious than the gold that represents them, children are our future. This year alone, approximately 13,500 parents will have to listen to a doctor tell them, "Your child has cancer." Can you imagine?

There are twelve major types of childhood cancers. From there, they are broken down into three groups.

  • Leukemias (cancer of the blood)
  • Lymphomas (cancer of the immune system)
  • Solid tumors (cancer in bones, organs, or tissue)
While the survival rate has increased over the past 40 years from 10% to nearly 80%, the number of children diagnosed increases slightly each year. And, while there have been many medical advances in the field of cancer research, treatment of pediatric cancer is still very aggressive and can have many lasting side effects. Some pediatric brain tumors, such as brain stem gliomas and pontine gliomas, are terminal upon diagnosis and no new protocols have been developed in 30 years. Despite the astonishing number of children being treated each year (approximately 40,000), funding for the research and implementation of better treatment remains largely underfunded.You are not alone. The Gold Hope Project is a group of photographers that have come together to capture the moments that your family holds so dear to their heart. Some of us have been touched by the presence of cancer, and some have not, but we have all been given a gift that we would like to share with you.
If you have a child this is battling Cancer or know someone that is please take advantage of what this organization is doing. Please take a moment and visit their website to learn more and show your support by becoming a fan of their FaceBook page. Ive posted the links below.
Website:       There are many ways you can get involved financially or by just helping to spread the word!
Photography Facebook:
Thank you all for taking the time to read and share!